Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Shouting Matches

Justin Vernon, Brian Moen, & Phil Cook

Anyone not living under a rock must know Bon Iver at this point. So we've all been there, loved that--good we're on the same page. So what comes next for the Grammy winner? More falsetto singing accompanied with a quivering guitar? Not exactly. Instead he does the exact opposite. You know in For Emma, For Ever Ago, when the louder more intense the song got, how Justin Vernon's voice grew grainy? Well, in this new side-project he focuses on just that. I've been listening to Grownass Man on NPR's First Listen, The Shouting Matches' debut album. Post-Grammy, I think it's a wonderful move for him; it's playful and loose and shows he's still that down-to-Earth guy who spent months sequestered in a cabin perfecting his music. The more I listen, the more I fall in love. His voice instead of the falsetto we've grown to love, deepens into a smoky croon. Oh and the guitar, sometimes boozy, definitely bluesy--just about makes the tracks. Also let us not forget the drums, they are upbeat, get discordant at times, but they just pair so perfectly with the feel of this album. This album is happy and free from constraints; just three guys doing what they do best.

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  1. your blog is so refreshing! love the simple colors, theme, & layout! + great reads, lovely pictures. will be back for more:) xo


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